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Classic and Modern Motorsport Club

Keeping alive the spirit of Club Motorsport

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CMMC January 2024 update

When the Club was formed back in 2018 the ethos was Keeping alive the spirit of Club Motorsport. The ‘modern’ side came from the BARC (SE centre) cars who were looking for a new home and the ‘classic’ side was there for cars who found it difficult to find homes with the established Clubs and who really just wanted to go out and have fun.

But nothing stands still and the aftermath of covid-19 and economic restraints has led to sever restraints on ‘club’ motorsport. On the classic side, 2023 saw the demise of MGCC competitions and the re-alignment of the Championships and Series which use to run under their banner.

The CMMC has run its ‘Classic Challenge’ in one format or another since the inception of the Club but this year we have lost the Mike Hawthorn Jaguars which means it is just does not make sense to run the ‘other’ classic cars. In fact in 2023 there was only one race which actually turned a profit, the rest ran at a slight loss because we were either one or two cars down.

However we are ‘thinking outside the box’ and floating the idea to several Clubs of running a ‘classic’ Series in a handicap form. You could run any ‘classic’ car on any tyre and in any form of modification. Like the Birkett but with just classic cars and handicapping done a little differently. Races will be 30 minutes where possible and will be at meetings which contain other classic cars.

It’s early days and we hope to put together 5/6 races (already interest from 3 Clubs).

If you think you might be interested then just drop me a line at with a few details of your car.

There will be other races where our cars are invited to and all you have to do is be a member of the Club which costs only £35 (see form below)

Richard Culverhouse  

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