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Classic & Modern Motorsport Club "Southern" section section

The former committee members of the BARC South East Centre joined the Classic & Modern Motorsport Club in 2019 to create a new club "Classic & Modern Motorsport Club Southern".

Get information for drivers at the dedicated web site

Download the driver's Membership and Registration Form by going to

We have published the calendar at


We do not envisage that the regulations will change significantly but rather be clarified and tightened up to include some possible minor changes to the minimum weight limits (and subject to any MS UK changes). Download our regulations and entry forms at


We conducted a survey of our drivers in December 2018 and got some useful feedback about favoured tracks, race formats, number of events and regs...

1)    We can be pleased that 62 people responded... that's nearly 75% of the Modified Saloons and TinTops drivers we sent it to.

2)     81.5% of you said you would race with us in 2019. Good job guys and gals, thank you.

3)     For the calendar,  people prefer quite clearly short races, everything on one day and about 8 meetings a year.

4)     Top of the pile (from more than one question) of concerns expressed by drivers is  that “Penalties for rulebreaking are not enforced by the Clerk of the Course” and concerns in general about driving standards. 

5)     Snetterton is your favorite track after Brands (Indy and GP) so your committee is putting a date into the calendar; we will be racing on the Snetterton 300 in August. We have listened!


Download our December 2018 survey results


The combined membership and registration fee is £99 (£200 for Intermarque) with no hidden extras.

Ken Angell                                                       Super Saloons


Kelly Dann                                            Membership

Michael Knowles                           Tin Tops

Rod Birley                                                          for CMMC Southern

Grant Woolway                              Promotion and web




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