2022 Race Calendar


So what have we for you in 2022?


CMMC Classic Series

April 23  - Snetterton (HSCC)(20 minute race) ENTRY FORM - SEE BELOW

May 22 - Mallory Park (CMMC) (2 x 20 minute races) ENTRY FORM - SEE BELOW

June 5 - Donington (VSCC) (20 minutes) Now 30 minutes

July 17 - Silverstone (Classic and Modern Motorsport) (2 x 20 minutes or 30 minutes)

August 13 - Silverstone (BDC) (20 minutes)

Still trying to get a race in September or early October to round off the season.


Remember that cars from the 1950s to early 1970s are eligible and criteria can be found on the CMMC main website of www.cmmotorsportclub.com. Remember that this is an invitation Series and we will look at other suitable cars that do not fit the eligibility criteria.

Dates for our Southern Series (www.cmmcs.co.uk)

March 20 - Silverstone International (BRSCC)  SS, TT, IS

May 21-22 - Mallory Park (CMMC)  SS, TT, IS

June 11-12 - Brands Hatch (MSVR) (American Speedfest)  IS

June 26 - Brands Hatch (BRSCC)  SS, TT, IS

July 23 - Lydden (LHMC)  SS, TT, IS

August 13 - Brands Hatch GP (MSVR)  SS, TT

August 21 - Brands Hatch (BRSCC)  IS

September 25 - Brands Hatch (TA)  SS, TT

Oct 1 - Castle Combe (CCRC)  IS

Oct 15 or 16 - Snetterton (BRSCC)  SS, TT

Oct 23 - Brands Hatch (BRSCC) IS

Nov 12-13 - Brands Hatch (BARC)  SS, TT, IS

Key: SS = Super Saloons, TT = Tin Tops, IS = Intermarque Silhouettes

Entry form for our first Classic Race at Snetterton on April 23rd - 

Mallory Park, May 21st/22nd Entry Forms/SRs now available